Choosing your ring

Learn about the characteristics of diamonds, ring sizing, and the different precious metals we offer. Everything you need to choose your perfect ring.

Learn about Diamonds

Learn everything you need to know to choose your perfect diamond. Choose your Diamond Shape, and learn the 4Cs of Diamond Quality.

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Ring Sizing

Order a free ring sizer for you or your partner to find your ring size, and see which ring designs we can resize.

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Learn about Precious Metals

We offer a selection of precious metals for your ring design. Learn about the different qualities of the metals we offer.

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Caring for your jewellery

Your jewellery will benefit from regular care and cleaning. Learn about home cleaning, our professional cleaning service, and jewellery insurance.


To clean at home a soft toothbrush with soapy water will remove oils and residue. We offer a professional clean and check service which we recommend every year to two years, depending on wear. Get in touch with us to arrange this.


We recommend that you insure your jewellery through your household insurance as this is often the most cost effective option. There are also a range of jewellery insurance companies who can provide quotes for specific high value items.