Bespoke rings made easy


Design your ring


See your ring in 3D


Receive your ring

1. Design your ring

With over 20 years of experience hand designing and crafting rings, Robert will help you to design your own unique ring.

Imagine your perfect ring and share your ideas with Rob. Share any sketches, images, and other inspiration.

Then have a conversation about how to turn your vision into reality. Ask Rob any questions and consult with him on possibilities.

Get in touch to book an initial consultation. Either online, or in-person in the Exeter area.

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2. See your ring in 3D

Rob will create a three-dimensional model of your ring using industry quality CAD software. From this model, we will render an image and a 3D video of your ring for you to view and share with your partner and friends.

View your design brought to life, show it off to your partner and friends, then meet with Rob to make any final adjustments.

3. Receive your custom ring

Once you have made all the adjustments you want and have decided you are ready to order, Rob will start making the ring.

Rob will make final refinements to the CAD model, then build the model with our 3D printer. This resin model will be sent to a high quality precision caster of precious metals.

Rob will then finish, polish, and set the ring in his local Dartmoor workshop.